Infinite Formation: Triangle (I love how the middle member changes in every song.)


ink & various marker on paper

It’s D-2! I’m so excited. I love this shot from the teaser; Sunggyu and his ever famous pose/expression.

"I don’t know if we’ll find two destinations or we’ll be the combination," sungyeol said. it’s more like whispering, but myungsoo could hear him clearly. "all i need is to take the chance. i’ll wait."

—in which hwang sungyeol befriend with the lonely idol siwoo

From a 1st generation idol SECHSKIES fan to a 3rd generation idol INFINITE fan~

Special Girl MV: hoya X dongwoo version

When Myungsoo: stares ⊙‿⊙

things to know about infinite : kim sunggyu

will you just shut up, nam woohyun

infinite + colors. ♡

reasons why the married couple fight